Dental Crowns Can Strengthen Damaged Teeth

Posted on: June 23rd, 2014 by Sam Khammar
When your tooth is infected dental cDental Crownsrowns are often used to correct it after the infection has been removed.  This is        extremely common when someone has a root canal procedure performed.  After the procedure is over the tooth needs    to be protected; otherwise it will remain exposed and could become infected again.  We are able to help repair and              strengthen your teeth using modern dentistry techniques. A root canal is needed when the dental pulp in the center of your tooth becomes infected.  Your roots run through the    center of your tooth, making them susceptible to becoming infected, as well.  Once an infection has settled into your    tooth, there is a high chance of it spreading.  At first, you may not notice anything other than slight discomfort.  If     undetected and untreated a small infection will turn into a large infection and become extremely painful.  When this        happens an emergency root canal is necessary for removing the infected portion of the tooth, and roots, in order to  stop the pain and save the tooth.  Otherwise, the infection can become so severe that the tooth will start to ooze puss  and may need to be removed entirely. Once the root canal has been completed, and the infection removed, the tooth will need to heal.  Afterwards, it needs to  be protected and strengthened to ensure that you won’t need a second procedure.  Dental crowns can achieve this goal  because they surround your entire tooth.  They are in essence a protective cap over your tooth that looks natural and is extremely durable.  We recommend them for patients that need to have their teeth strengthened for a variety of reasons. Many patient have avoided dental crowns because, in the past, they used to be made of metallic materials only.  This made them stand out inside the mouth and unappealing for some people.  Now, they can be made of a variety of materials and can look completely natural.  This is great news for people that don’t like their existing crowns and want to have them replaced. Even patients that haven’t gotten a root canal may find dental crown to be beneficial.  Teeth that have been cracked, chipped, or broken can be repaired using a crown.  For patients that have bitten into something hard, only to find a piece of their tooth floating around, can find relief through this procedure. Crowns are also used when creating a bridge to replace a missing tooth.  As a local dentist, we can place a crown on the teeth on both sides of the missing one.  The synthetic tooth is then attached to it, which creates a “bridge”.  This is an ideal solution for people that are missing a tooth and want to have it replaced without undergoing a surgical, implant procedure.  It is sturdier than dentures and allows patients to eat all of their favorite foods without fear of their teeth popping out. As a cosmetic dentist, we offer a variety of ways to replace, strengthen, and restore your teeth.  During the consultation, we will discuss the various options so that you can decide which dental procedure would work with your schedule and lifestyle. Tags:

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