Milestones Bringing Your Child to Our Children’s Dental Office in Forked River

Posted on: February 15th, 2017 by Sam Khammar

Dental OfficeAs a children’s dental office in Forked River, we are intimately aware of the concern many parents have about their children’s oral health and development. We can go over the comprehensive steps to help children have healthy teeth and maintain healthy teeth as they age. The first step is to help children develop a positive attitude toward dental care by visiting a children’s dentist.

Start the right dental care early

Along with a child’s first steps and other milestones, dental developments are an important part of a child’s life. From the first baby tooth coming in, to the same baby tooth falling out for the adult tooth, parents need to pay attention the dental milestones. We can help parents when they bring their children into a children’s dental office in Forked River. We can help parents plan for any challenges that arise with a child’s dental development.

After examining a child’s teeth, we will advise the parent on how to best care for the child’s teeth and treat and problems that arise. To keep an eye on the development of a child’s teeth and ensure that everything is growing in properly, the child needs to visit our office at least once every six months. With these regular visits, we are able to catch any problems that may arise early on and provide the necessary treatment.

The very first milestone is the appearance of the first baby tooth. Parents will celebrate the first baby tooth and we understand that it is the start of the child’s dental health care.

Begin a life of healthy teeth for the child

According to the American Dental Association, parents need to plan on scheduling a visit for their child as soon as the first tooth erupts from the gums. If a child happens to be a late bloomer and does not have the first tooth by the time the child turns 1-year-old, then the parent needs to still schedule a visit at our children’s dental office anyway.

While the teeth are constantly developing in the jaw bone, once the first baby tooth breaks the surface, the child is going to use this to start biting and chewing, as well as for the formation of words and language. Additionally, parents need to be aware that baby teeth are crucial for development and need constant care. A child’s baby teeth play a very important role by being a placeholder for the permanent teeth to eventually take over.

Another important milestone in a child’s oral health development is when a child loses baby teeth and the permanent teeth take their place. This is often a time of important transition in a child’s dental health. It is also a time when children are frequently involved in sports, as well as having a penchant for sweetened goods which can lead to cavities. At our children’s dental office, we know that this is the time to start looking for preventative as well as interventional remedies should your child have any problems like crowding of the permanent teeth or need orthodontic care.

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